Building a sustainable future for our school and our villages

2nd Email Sent to Paul Oliver Smith 27/03/19

Dear Paul,

Whilst we acknowledge that there may be questions regarding the Village school project. We have endeavoured to publicise our ideas through the local Roundabout magazine, firstly in September’s edition and again this year. Our open days, 22/23rd February were well attended and your meeting in February also added to the message being in the public domain.

By the very nature of a project of this scale there will always be a sector of the community who are less keen for one reason or another. But this project is about preserving our educational facility in our village, and the Governors have taken a decision and invited B21 to seek the solution.

There is also a web site :   that provides a great deal of information.

We believe that the 30th April will be the preferred route for answering any further issues, as the facebook vehicle just adds confusion.

On behalf of B21


Richard Beale.