Building a sustainable future for our school and our villages

Nigel Woodward

Volunteer Director

I’m Nigel and I have lived and been active in Brenchley since 1989 when we bought a derelict Oasthouse on Cryals Road and turned it into our family home where we lived for 25 years. All three of my children attended Brenchley and Matfield Primary school,  where Sarah served as a school governor and chaired the playschool.

I have served on the Parish Council and as a BHMC Trustee. With friends I created  the Brenchley Sailing Club and managed the Brenchley Ball team in 2000, 2002 and 2004. Over the years I have worked in the team that has made our Christmas lights the spectacle they are today.  I started the Parish Plan activity which now forms the background of my involvement with Brenchley21.

Brenchley has been central to our family and hence I care very much for our village. My support and enthusiasm for Brenchley21 is to ensure the sustainability of the community for the future. 

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