Building a sustainable future for our school and our villages

Richard Beale

Volunteer Director

Hi, I’m Richard and my family has been in Brenchley since 1933 when my father, Vernon Beale, bought Parsonage Farm. Back then, Brenchley was a farming community which sustained many businesses and a number of shops that have sadly closed their doors.

Brenchley is my home. I was christened in the village church, where I attended regularly with my parents, then with my wife and our children. I am happy to say that I took marriage vows in the same church where my parents married and also my children. In 2007 I was invited to be a Church Warden and I duly accepted and served for nine years. As Church Warden I took up the role of Church Representative as a Village Hall trustee for three years.

I support Brenchley21 to ensure that our village will thrive for the next generation of my family and yours.  

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