Building a sustainable future for our school and our villages

Email Sent to Paul Oliver Smith 27/03/19

Dear Paul,

Following our meeting on Saturday morning, I have had further discussions with my colleagues.

Whilst we were  disappointed that you had not arranged a meeting to discuss the communications issues for yesterday. We now go forwards and propose that, as you and I agreed, we call a VILLAGE MEETING to settle all outstanding concerns regarding the New School Project.

It was felt that the date of 23rd April, being the day that schools commence the summer term, may be a week too early. So we propose to give all parties an extra week ‘s notice. Therefore the meeting to take place on Tuesday 30th April at the Brenchley Village Hall at 7:30 pm.

Would you be prepared to book the Village Hall and arrange for your colleague to chair the meeting, as we discussed last Saturday.

Should there be any issues with the booking of the village hall, please let me know.